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Welcome to our page Wedding in Rome! If you’re here maybe you’re planning to get married in Rome. What a good idea! Whether you’re dreaming of having your ceremony in a Roman Church or a party in an exclusive venue near the lake, we can make your dream come true!

First let me introduce myself. My name is Giovanna Bussandri, I’m a professional singer and MarryMusica Ceo. I’m into weddings since 2010 and my aim is to provide my couples the best musical entertainment for The Big Day. But that’s not all.

Thanks to many collaborations, I can surely address you to the best inexpensive wedding venues in Italy and The Best Music Entertainment for your wedding!

Get married in Rome – Wedding in Italy Near the Lake of Castel Gandolfo

Wedding Venues to get married in Rome without spending a patrimony!

Near Rome, there’s a beautiful small town called Castel Gandolfo which is one of the famous Castelli in Rome. Here we find the cozy lake of Albano also known as Castel Gandolfo Lake where the Pope has his summer residence in the Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo which is an integral part of Roman history.

What we propose you indeed are some very interesting location, not expensive as they may seem where Romans usually get married but almost unknown to foreigners!

You know when in Rome do like the Romans!

Castel Gandolfo offers many beautiful venues for weddings and events but we can suggest you some that are our favorites for different reasons.

Castel Vecchio Hotel – The Old Castle with Lake View

It is a wonderful venue with a stunning view upon the lake. Immersed in the splendid scenery of Lake Albano, the Hotel Castel Vecchio will give you the opportunity to experience a fairytale day. How? The translation of the name is Old Castle.

Crossing the large entrance door, a faithful reproduction of the Papal Palace entrance, guests will walk through the gallery that leads to the terrace. There, they can enjoy the view that embraces the lake and the Borgo di Castel Gandolfo.

The suggestive Roof Garden will also be available, equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, which offers unforgettable sunsets over the Eternal City.

Lunch or dinner, with English service for all courses, will take place in the Sala Bellavista or in the Sala Domiziana. The pride of the structure is the Bellavista Room which hosts some of the most important events in the area. It also offers a maximum capacity of 180 guests; while the Sala Domiziana, in white marble with indoor swimming pool, opens onto a large terrace overlooking the lake and has a capacity of 130 people. The strenght of this venue are absolutely the view and the outdoor spaces.

Miralago Hotel and Restaurant – Lake Watching

Miralago means Lake-watching in italian because this cozy building stands upon the lake offering a nice view of the lake.

The evocative setting of the Castelli Romani park and the tasty local cuisine will be the main ingredients that will help make your wedding party at the Miralago Hotel unique and unforgettable. The strength of this venue is indeed the Food.

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At Miralago you will experience the great culinary tradition of Castelli Romani. The typical local cold cuts and those from other areas of Central Italy coexist with the fish menus offered during the summer season. Great space is also reserved for the best known recipes of the capital.

The restaurant has several spaces that make it an excellent setting for weddings and events of all kind, such as Sala delle Rose, furnished with great refinement. It is possible to have lunch in the wonderful garden.

For the wedding night, the newly weds are offered to stay in the prestigious Hydrangea room overlooking the lake.

Italian Rome Wedding in Ancient Rome

What about celebrating your wedding in a Medieval Castle near Rome? The venue is called Il Castello delle Meraviglie meaning the Marvelous Castle. It preserves in every detail the charm of the medieval era, which together with the exquisite cordiality of the staff helps to create a magical ancient atmosphere inside and outside.

get married in a medieval castle in rome

The structure is spread over two levels, has two large rooms to eat: the Imperial Room, which can accommodate up to 300 guests and the Hexagonal Room which can accommodate up to 120 guests. During the summer, moreover, you will have at your disposal the terrace to set up a pleasant welcome cocktail in the open air.


You will be able to live the moment of preparation peacefully, thanks to the careful collaboration of the location staff who will be able to professionally follow each phase. They will take care of the preparation of the spaces, the organization of every detail of the reception, including music and photography.

Location: Capena

A stone’s throw from the Eternal City, immersed in the verdant Roman countryside, the villa awaits you to give you unique emotions that will remain in your hearts forever.

Once you’ve picked up your venue you can choose the Music! One of the best to way to create your unique event is by choosing the right music.

Wedding Music Entertainment in Rome

Now let’s come to Music. A big team of musicians will be at your service to ensure you the best musical entertainment in Italy.

We have top level musicians in Rome and Tuscany. Our musicians know well venues and locations of their own hometown that’s why it’s important to have a referent with venues in Italy who can follow you and help you with all the bureaucratic and contractual procedures as siae, venue rentals and fees.

You can think of our musicians as your mentors, assistants and advisors in order to avoid problems, scams or anything annoying. We don’t call ourselves wedding planners because we think you are the only wedding planner and only you know what you desire for your wedding but surely we will follow you step by step and help you.

Venice Wedding in Rome with Rondò Veneziano

Fantasia Veneziana is a unique show with music in the style of Rondò Veneziano but with a contemporary touch. The most famous pieces of the Venetian Baroque are included in the musical program of the concert.

Musicians perform with period costumes for a concert lasting an hour and a half. The group is a 8 piece band with oboe keyboard bass drums string quartet that easily fit different spaces outdoor and indoor.

Baroque Music Events